Sincep got a logging trucks order with nearly 100 million RMB

2018-10-24 23:24Views:45times

Sincep got a logging trucks order with nearly 100 million RMB

Sincep Special Equipment Co., Ltd. (whollyowned subsidiary of LandOcean Energy Group Limited.) received Notification ofAward from China Petroleum Materials Limited Corporation (wholly owned subsidiaryof China National Petroleum Corporation.). On the basis of the evaluationresults of the Evaluation Committee, confirm that Sincep is the winning bidderfor suppling logging truck for China National Petroleum Corporation. in 2018.The total bid amount is ¥ 95,168,000.

Sincep Special Equipment Co., Ltd. Is thefirst-class material supplier for China National Petroleum Corporation and owns70% logging equipment marketing in CNPC. Since Sincep’s establishment in 1998,Sincep has devoted to R&D, production and sales for a series of loggingtrucks and skids. Currently, Sincep owns 38 patents totally, including twoinvention patents, namely Electric Driven Logging Equipment and HydraulicWorkover Rig.

According to the bidding evaluation resultof 2018 well logging truck centralized procurement bidding of China nationalpetroleum corporation (CNPC) by the bid evaluation committee, Sincep isconfirmed to be the successful bidder for this tender. The total amount is¥95,168,000.

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