The Contract Signing Ceremony of Logging Equipment for CPL was Held in Xian

2018-11-03 15:28Views:43times

On November 2, 2018, the contract signing ceremony of logging truck for CPL was held in Xian CPL production preparation building. Deputy manager Wang Chunli presided over the meeting and made an important speech. Xiong libo, GM of Langfang Sincep Special Equipment Co., Ltd. present the team and participate in the contract signing ceremony. The leaders of the production technology department, material procurement department, planning department, finance department, safety and environmental protection department, and Changqing, Daqing, Xinjiang, Tianjin, Liaohe, southwest China, Qinghai, production logging center and north China branch attended the meeting and witnessed the signing process of the contract. This is the first centralized purchase of logging truck since the reorganization of CPL. Sincep won the bid of package 1, package 3 and package 4, and signed a contract total amount for ¥ 95168000.


In the meeting, the CPL deputy manager Wang Chunli reviewed the background and implementation of the bidding process, put forward specific requirements for the implementation of the contract, introduced the future development of the logging equipment in 2019, mentioned that there will be a larger logging equipment investment plans in 2019, and also hope to take this opportunity to make a common development of strategic cooperative partnership between both sides in supply and demand. Xiong Libo, GM of Langfang Sincep, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of CPL at all levels for their trust in Sincep. Our company will guarantee the quality, quantity and delivery time of the subject equipment on time, and provide CPL with excellent environmental protection and efficient equipment.


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